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God chooses human beings to communicate the divine message and we can sometimes be amazed at the people God chooses. Amos, the shepherd, had no qualifications to speak in God’s name yet he was the one God chose. The Twelve sent out by Jesus were similarly unremarkable. Most amazingly, perhaps, God has chosen us also, chosen us in Christ, to be spiritually blessed and to praise the glory of his grace. Of course, not everyone will accept the wonderful message we bring. Indeed some will react negatively to both the message and the messenger. This was the experience of Amos and the Twelve. Jesus urges us not to dwell on such rejections. We should let them go - shake the dust from our feet - and continue to be a voice that speaks of peace. (Source: God’s Word 2024)

Embracing the call to prophetic action requires us to step out of our comfort zones, take risks for the sake of the Gospel, and, most importantly, trust in God's unwavering guidance and provision. It may involve speaking out against injustices in our communities, advocating for the poor and vulnerable, or reaching out to those who are marginalised or excluded. It may also involve being willing to forgive, to reconcile, and to work for peace. In our world today, marked by division, violence, and injustice, the call to prophetic action is not just urgent; it is crucial.

We are not just called, but we are needed to bevoices of hope, agents of change, and witnesses to God's love and mercy. That is the task of the disciple of Jesus.That is the mission we are entrusted with.That is the mission for which the Church exists.

(Source: Pastoral Liturgy)


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