The celebration of Social Justice Sunday is a long tradition in the Catholic Church in Australia. For almost every year since 1940, our bishops have joined together to issue a major social justice statement at this time. This year’s statement is titled Respect: Confronting Violence and Abuse. The document draws on family and domestic violence data and gathers the insights of people – especially women – on that data. It also reflects on the words and example of Jesus. The statement, citing the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, explains that family and domestic violence “affects people of all ages and from all backgrounds”. The statement says, “The respect due to each member of a family, household or community should reflect the respect and care shown for others by Christ,”. It ends with, “We can take greater care in the language that we use. We can speak more clearly about the sinfulness of domestic violence. We can debunk the misuse of faith sources to justify violent or abusive behaviour or to coerce women in marriages marked by these behaviours to stay in unsafe situations. We can ensure that our responses are evidence-based and trauma- informed.” To read it in full go to: These declarations are issued with the hopes of provoking thought and action throughout the year.