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Every year before Easter, at cathedrals around the world, the people of God celebrate the Chrism Mass. Ancient and symbolically rich, it is one of the most significant liturgical events in the Church outside of Christmas and Easter. During the Chrism Mass, the Archbishop, joined by every priest in the Diocese, blesses the oils that are going to be used in the sacraments in the year ahead. Participating in the Chrism Mass is a great way to come to a deeper appreciation of the sacramental life of the Church. This year’s Chrism Mass will be celebrated at St Patrick’s Cathedral on Thursday, 21 March at 11am, and all are warmly invited to attend. (There will be no other Mass that day.)

There will be two Masses to commemorate the Feast of St Joseph this Tuesday, 9am & 6pm.Please also note there will be no Thursday adoration on 21 & 28 March.


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