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"O Sacrament most holy! O Sacrament Divine! All praise and all thanksgiving be every moment Thine!" . . . . St. Thomas Aquinas

The Feast we celebrate today isn’t just about the bread and wine we share in Eucharist, but the Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ we are to one another. We share one cup, one life, one suffering, and one victory.Godcallsustobeaholypeople.’ .............. GPBSeNews

‘The bread and wine of the Eucharist are Life for us, the shared life of the Risen Christ. Eucharistic life is covenanted life. It means giving life for the sake of the many, sometimes to the point of heroism, sometimes simply by sharing our resources or our time with others in need. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Sister Veronica Lawson RSM

‘When believers recall and repeat what the Lord did at that Last Supper, they commit themselves anew to abide by the way of life required by that covenant, a life of obedient love modelled on the loving service of Christ.’ .....................FrBrendanByrneAustralianCatholics

The Body of Christ shares the Body of Christ to become The Body of Christ. There are copies of the Bishop’s Pastoral Letter on this Feast Day in the foyer. It can also be read on our Parish website. On page 3 he writes: “Intimacy with him is not a matter of feeling. During the Last Supper, when he gave us the Eucharist, he taught that the proof of a relationship with him is living his teachings, particularly his commandments.”

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