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My daughter came home from pre-school one day quite tearful. A few girls in her class had teased her about the deep holes in her shoulders. I explained that they were called dimples and not everyone had them, only a lucky few. “Did you know”, I said, “that God visits each baby when they are born, to bless them and marvel at his perfect creations? When he came to you, he just loved you so much, he bent down and kissed you first on one shoulder, sighed and thought to himself, ‘Oh, this little one is special’, and then he just couldn’t help himself, he leant down again and kissed your other shoulder too. So, don’t you be too worried about what the girls are saying. You just remember how very special and precious you are in God’s eyes; and just how much he loves you.” Four years later, she came home from school extremely excited to tell me her news. “Mama”, she babbled, “Mr B asked us to tell him how we were special, and I was the first one to put up my hand; and I told him I was special because I had holes in my shoulders.” “What did he say?”, I choked. “Nothing, he just smiled. But when everybody went to lunch, he asked me to stay back and tell him about the holes.” “What did you say to him?”, I asked. “Oh, just that God came when I was a baby and kissed me twice. That he loved me so much he left his lips there a bit too long and made holes. But that it was okay, as now I know how special I am.” (I pray that she and all little girls, who have now grown into adulthood, remember just how special and loved they continue to be. Not just to their families and friends, but to God who loved them first and best.) --------- Merciful Lord, tender us, so that we may bear fruits in due season and be found worthy in your sight.


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