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It is often said that the practice of prayer does not change God: it changes us. We become more able to understand and follow God’s will....Prayer takes us beyond the capabilities of our mind and heart to find the source of all meaning, God. (Source:The Living Word) To deepen our prayer life, our prayer should be, more or less, continuous throughout the day, in the sense that the thought of God is never far from our mind and our whole being is centred in him. He should be our first thought in the morning and the last thought as we drop off to sleep at night. (Source:The Open Door)

Fidelity in prayer is as hard as working at any love relationship. In some seasons the effort will feel greater than the desire. Persistent prayer is more effective than the one-off method, just as daily efforts to build loving relationships are more meaningful than a lone card on Valentine’s Day. (Source:GBPS eNews)

Jesus prayed and He prayed much. It was routine in His life. He practiced prayer. This is amazing when you stop and think about who He is. He is the sinless Son of God. My question is why would deity concealed in humanity need to pray? Why would the sinless, perfect, obedient Son of God need prayer? The answer is not only for our example but as a man He depended upon His relationship with God and prayer was the means of practicing that relationship.

If Jesus, who was sinless and perfectly obeyed, needed prayer how much more do you and I? (Source:S. Michael Durham)


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