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Baptised children in Year 4 or older, having celebrated their First Reconciliation and who do not attend St Mary Mackillop College, are invited to begin their preparation for First Holy Communion. The preparation lessons for this Sacrament will commence on 24 April. Please phone the Parish Office 9752 1687 or email: to register your child’s interest prior to this date. You might be wondering how do you know when your child is ready for First Eucharist. Here are some questions you might ask yourself: Does my child have a real relationship with God? Does she or he talk to God - at bedtime, before meals, at special times? Does my child know many of the stories of Jesus, including the Last Supper? Is my child developing an understanding that God is important in his/her life and in our family life? (The Sacrament will be received in Our Lady of the Bay Church in June.)

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