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One morning, the boy Solomon saw the goldsmith who works for King David's Palace walk out of the palace very desperate and sad. Solomon asked the goldsmith with curiosity, “What makes you feel so sad and desperate?”. The goldsmith answered, “I have to provide a solution to the King within seven days. If not I will be taken out of my job. I am really confused because there is no solution for what the King has asked”. “What is the solution that the King is looking for?”. Solomon was curious. The goldsmith presented the demand of the King to Solomon as follows: “I need to make a gold ring for the king with an inscription on it which should help the king not to be so happy that he forgets the divine truth at his happy moments. At the same time the inscriptions on it should help him not to lose his heart when he is facing failures and desperations.” Immediately Solomon gave what he needs to inscribe on it: He said, “Write as follows ‘This too shall pass’."

(Source: Author Unknown)


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