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“We need a holistic, long-term vision for the future – not just a vision for the economy but a vision for Australian society, the human community and the whole earth community.” Australia’s Catholic bishops have called for a shakeup that focuses the country’s politics on the common good of all, including – and especially – those who struggle to participate in the community. Although no one political party fully embodies Catholic social teaching, the bishops are, however, offering an election statement to encourage Catholics and people of good will to reflect on the good they can do for their community by using their vote for the good of all. Archbishop Mark Coleridge said, “we all long for what Pope Francis calls ‘a better kind of politics, one truly at the service of the common good’”. The statement highlights several key issues that the bishops have identified and which they encouraged readers to consider when preparing to vote. Among them is the provision of high-quality palliative care across Australia, “to ensure that no one is pressured into choosing assisted suicide because palliative care is unavailable”. The statement advocates for vulnerable people in the community, including those in need of aged care, First Nations peoples, asylum-seekers and refugees. It calls for a government committed to the common good that will deliver a medium to long-term plan for eradicating poverty in Australia. Access the election statement at: (CathNews) Catholic Social Justice, Welfare and Educational Agencies have joined together to publish the document: VOTING FOR THE COMMON GOOD. A pdf of this can be found here:

Election Kit 2022 (BW)
Download PDF • 4.90MB


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