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By calling us to remember the anxious waiting of God’s people before Christ’s birth, Advent also calls us to wait faithfully in our own time. Just like them, we are waiting for the coming of the Messiah. And just like them, we often struggle with the waiting. “Is the promised one really coming?” If I’m honest, that’s a question that haunts my heart at times. “I know he promised, but it’s been so long.” We keep waiting, but we don’t see anything. “Where is he?” The same questions that must have plagued God’s people before Christmas continue to pursue us after. Advent helps me see that I’m not alone when the waiting gets difficult and the questions loom. More importantly, at times, Advent reminds me that I am supposed to be waiting. In a distracted world, this is easy to forget. The question “Will he come?” doesn’t haunt my soul, not because of my incredible faith, but because I’ve forgotten to ask it. Advent helps me remember that I’m waiting for something more important than a new iPhone on Christmas morning. By reminding us of the past, Advent calls us to be faithful “waiters” in the present. Take some time this season to wait. Allow yourself to ask the questions and face the uncertainties of those who wait. Allow yourself to long for the one who is still coming. Let it eat at you that he’s not here yet. Waiting is not easy. But it’s part of our story. (Source: I wish I could tell you. It was saved some time ago without this vital info)


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