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Mass isn’t over after receiving Holy Communion.

..... The celebration still has treasures to impart. The Final Blessing - a sign of God’s protection over our lives and activities for the coming week. It’s a reminder that God walks with us as we journey through life. The Dismissal – the sending forth of God’s people from Mass into the world. Yes, we are leaving the assembly and church building, but we carry something with us. Something we are supposed to take, nourish and utilise in all our dealings, and with whoever we meet. The grace to live the Gospel with faith, hope and charity. The Procession – Reminds us that the Priest is shepherd of the Parish community. Out of respect for the priest who represents Christ the Good Shepherd, and to maintain order and decorum in the church, the faithful never leave before the Priest, Deacons, Acolytes, Altar Servers have first exited the church. May our hearts burn within us as we listen to God’s Word, and the eyes of our souls be opened so that we recognise the awesome gift we receive at Mass. (Excerpts from: A Walk Through the Mass Fr. Amar Nagothu, MSFS)


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