Moving Forward in Faith - Living a Powerful Life Friday, 29 October at the Salvation Army, Busselton (94 Kent Street) In the month of October, Australian Church Women (ACW) hold a service ‘World Community Day’, which represents the desire of Church women to fellowship and pray together for peace and justice. These days, the general offering from the World Community Day services is shared equally between a special project and the Asian Church Women’s Conference. The Special Project chosen for 2021–22 is ‘Kick Start Your Life’, which is also an education programme, and it is run by the WA Mums Cottage. The programme has both formal and informal aims to create adaptive and positive behaviours in a two-hour session one morning a week for ten weeks. Mums Cottage is a community service ‘to assist women and children in crisis who experience distress or family violence’ and ‘offers companionship, guidance, education and assistance to all women and dependent children’. Its ethos is Christian service to those in need. It has the support of local churches and is run by a committed team. Find out more about them by visiting: