All are invited to World Community Day Service which takes place this Friday, 30 October, in St. Mary’s Family Centre at 2pm. This years theme is ‘Walk by Faith, not by sight’. Each year the Busselton Catholic Women’s League takes this opportunity to offer a cheque at this service for the annual dedication of the coins given in prayer for the Fellowship of the Least Coin (FLC) prayer movement. Their ‘least coins’ are collected at each month’s meetings. What is FLC? It’s a worldwide ecumenical movement of prayer for peace, justice and reconciliation. Through this movement, Christian women around the world seek fellowship with each other and are reminded to live a reconciling and forgiving life with others. Though ‘least coins’ are given with each prayer, it is not a fundraising project, but a movement of prayer without any discrimination of race, colour, culture or denomination. These ‘gifts of love’ are then given to projects all around the world. As such, I wondered if others in the Parish would like to take up this idea of putting aside a ‘least coin’ when they prayed and then handing it to our Catholic Women’s League before next year’s World Community Day?