On this Sunday, the Epiphany of the Lord, we hear of the wise men following a star that had risen in the East and searching for the infant King of the Jews. It’s a Gospel with layers and layers of messages for us. One such message as Fr Timothy Calvert writes is, “Christ is available to all. Whether we are waiting for him, or have not yet responded to the call, he has come for all. Whether our journey to him is a response to heavenly light given through baptism and confirmation and sustained in the Eucharist, or it is the result of looking honestly at our world and refusing to flinch from the deeper questions: he calls all to make their way to him with great joy.” How truly apt that this Sunday, with this very great joy in their hearts, Nicole and Mikaela will be welcomed into full communion with our church and Matthew will be baptised. Part of the RCIA group in 2019, they missed out last Easter on the Sacraments because of Co-vid 19. We warmly welcome them into our Church family and thank Karen for her time and talents as they journeyed together to this point.