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The Australian Catholic Bishops Conference Office for Justice, Ecology and Peace have requested that the statement Towards The Referendum be made available to all Catholics. A copy of this is pinned to the notice board in each church and there will be a few loose copies for those without computer access. Australia’s Catholic bishops say the issues surrounding the proposed Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Voice are not just political, they are moral and ethical. A copy of the Pastoral Letters by Bishop Vincent Long (Parramatta) and Bishop Charles Gauci (Darwin) are also available in the church to peruse. Neither Bishop is telling you how you should vote. Bishop Charles Gauci writes, “I encourage you to carefully consider the multifaceted dimensions of this Referendum and seek guidance from the Holy Spirit in making this significant decision. Regardless of the outcome, I implore everyone to remain committed to working together for the greater good. My hope is that we can continue to collaborate, striving to enhance the lives and walk alongside our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander brothers and sisters. ” Bishop Vincent Long writes, “It is the work of the Gospel Community to create policies and practices, institutions and cultures in which “the lowly are raised and the hungry are filled with good things.” (Mary’s Magnificat Luke 1:52-53) You may view the ACBC statement online at:


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