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I want to thank each of you for praying for the first session of the Plenary Council of Australia. The Holy Spirit was very much among us. I want to thank all, in particular, on behalf of the other Bunbury delegates as well as myself. We felt very supported during this great event in the history of the Australian Church. The first session was about the more than the 270 delegates’ proposals, based upon their reading of the results of the Australia wide, for the issues to be the focus of the second session. This is scheduled to be a physical gathering of delegates in Sydney in July next year, unlike last week which required 8 hours from 8am from Monday 4 October to Saturday 9 October inclusive in front of a computer! The many proposals made during the last session will be unified into recommendations for discernment and discussion in the second session by a drafting committee. Delegates will be consulted about drafts in between sessions as draft recommendations are developed. The process for the, six day, first session was grounded in prayer and reflection in every group gathering all through the day. It was all about seeking guidance from the Holy Spirit at every step. Please pray that the Holy Spirit will guide all involved in the continuing process of the Plenary Council so that the future direction of the Church in Australia at this time becomes clear. God bless, Bishop Gerard


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