Is urging the Federal Government to commit to supporting developing countries in the fight against COVID-19 before the virus mutates and renders current vaccines ineffective. The new report, A SHOT OF HOPE - Australia’s role in vaccinating the world against COVID-19, found that two-thirds of epidemiologists surveyed believe that the virus may mutate in less than a year if action is not taken now to prevent the spread of the virus in developing countries. This is why the End COVID For All campaign is urging the Australian Government to immediately commit more funds and more vaccine doses to COVAX, the only global initiative working with governments and manufacturers to ensure vaccines are available to lower-income countries who may not otherwise be able to afford enough doses for their population. With a concentrated global push, we can vaccinate nine out of every ten people across the world by the end of 2022 – conceivably avoiding the most serious impacts of further mutations. (Please see leaflet in foyer for the full media release.)