He was old, and tired, pushing his home-made cart down the alley, stopping now and then to poke around in somebody’s garbage. I wanted to tell him about Eucharist, but the look in his eyes, the despair on his face, the hopelessness of somebody else’s life in his cart, told me to forget it. So I smiled, said “Hi”! - and gave him EUCHARIST. She was cute, nice build, a little too much paint, wobbly on her feet as she slid from her barstool, and on the make. “No thanks, not tonight.” - and I gave her EUCHARIST. She lived alone, her husband had died, her family had gone, and she talked at you, not to you; lots and lots of words thrown at you. So I listened - and gave her EUCHARIST. Downtown is nice. Lights change from red to green and back again, flashing blues, pinks and oranges. I gulped them in, said “Thank you Father.” - and made them EUCHARIST. I laughed at myself, and told myself, “you with all your sin and all your selfishness, I forgive you, I accept you, I love you.” It’s nice - and so very necessary too - to give yourself EUCHARIST. Tired, weary, disgusted, lonely? Go to your friends, open their door, say “Look at me” - and receive their EUCHARIST. My Father, when will we learn you cannot talk EUCHARIST, cannot philosophise about it - you do it? You don’t dogmatise Eucharist. Sometimes you laugh it, sometimes you cry it and often you sing it. Sometimes it is wild pure fun and another time it is crying out hurt. That often it is humiliating and it is never deserved. Teach me to sense EUCHARIST in another’s eyes. To give it in another’s hand held tight. To squeeze it with an embrace. To pauseEUCHARIST in the middle of a busy day. To live EUCHARIST when there are a million things to do and there is a friend who wants to talk. To know EUCHARIST is as simple as being on time. As profound as the deepest sympathy. I give you my supper, I give you my sustenance. I give you my life. I give you me. I give you .... EUCHARIST. ..............................................................................................................

R. Voight

St Joseph's Church

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Our Lady of the Bay

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