We have forgotten that we ourselves are dust of the earth (cf. Gen 2:7); our very bodies are made up of her elements, we breathe her air and we receive life and refreshment from her waters. (Laudato Si’, 2015, 2) During Lent, Pope Francis calls on all of us to fast and embrace the experience of poverty. In his Lenten message, he said, “Fasting, experienced as a form of self-denial, helps those who undertake it in simplicity of heart to rediscover God’s gift and to recognise that, created in his image and likeness, we find our fulfilment in him.” The Global Catholic Climate Movement aims to bring the environmental values of the Pope’s encyclical Laudato Si’ to life around the world.

Their website has divided up the weeks of Lent into different weeks of fast (Buying Fast, Meat Fast, Fast from Electricity, Fast from Plastics, Fast from Silence.)

A calendar can be downloaded with a different idea or prayer for each day. They say, “During this time of fasting and renewal, we will embark upon a journey of ecological conversion through reflection, repentance, and renewal. Together.” They add, “by committing to concrete changes through fasting and lifestyle changes, we will live more in solidarity with our Earth and each other and inspire our sisters and brothers to join this conversion process.”

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