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THANK YOU to everyone for contributing to the works, maintenance and pastoral mission of our parish. We are very appreciative of your ongoing generosity and commitment. Financial commitment through the Planned Giving Program allows our Parish to develop a realistic budget to meet existing needs and obligations and plan for future developments. With the planned Giving Programme you receive a set of envelopes for the year, marked with the date for each week (and three special envelopes for Easter, Christmas and November Mass Offerings). Alternatively, you may wish to make your contribution via Direct Debit either from your credit card or through arranging a monthly scheduled transaction from your account into our Parish Account. (You would still get your set of envelopes and might like to still place it in the second collection plate - just mark it CC or DD where you would normally write the amount.) We are currently organising our Planned Giving envelopes for the next financial year and encourage all parishioners to join in the giving. Just ring the Parish Office to arrange.


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