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We’ve been alerted to the fact that once again scammers are sending emails purporting to be from Fr Jaybee. We once again reiterate that Fr Jaybee (or any other Priest worth his salt) would never request money in any form from aparishioner. Please don’t reply to emails such as these, and remember that if a Priest were truly in a bind there are correct avenues they would go through; privately asking for money, gift cards, itunes etc is not one of them. The office computer has had its yearly check-up and passed with flying colours. (Yes, congratulations are in order; after all you can never be absolutely sure how it might retaliate if it felt underappreciated. In my experience as soon as you take something for granted, havoc wreaks and mayhem reigns.)

You might remember the carpets were cleaned a week ago? Well when opening the front windows (a very rare occurrence) to dry the carpet more quickly, Kim found black ants along the sills and the mounds of fine timber dust where they had been boring to make nests. Busselton Pest Control are booked for next week.

Nine of the Craft group met Tuesday afternoon; with Steph and Nola ‘zooming’ in from their houses for a little chat. Julie had brought her tablet in to facilitate the meeting. She also did a great job of setting up the tables and spacing everyone out. (As an aside apparently the police have been out checking the Golf Club a couple of times, so please don’t think they won’t come here and inspect.) We ask everyone not to move the furniture in the Ned Kenny Centre. We will keep the tables and chairs set up (as the spacing is correct) for all future meetings there.

As I write this, Di, Janet, Aileen and Yvonne are over at the church cleaning, vacuuming, dusting and polishing her to within a inch of her life. We are all so very lucky to be able to attend St. Joe’s and find it so cared for. It doesn’t just happen, it takes commitment and attention on the part of others. If you attend Masses and Devotions and would like to join the cleaning team to help keep it in good order, please contact Di or ring the Parish Office.

Father has been busy with Parish and Diocesan meetings, and ensuring that we have all our ducks in a row in readiness for the Weekday Masses beginning this Tuesday. (Hang your head in shame if you thought he just turned up and did his thing on any given day). We now have a Safety Plan (thanks to Julie for the reminder), the pews are colour coded for different Masses, hygiene protocols taken care of, pathways in and out marked and so it goes on. Do say a little prayer that all goes smoothly......


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