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Starts this Sunday 3 July with the 5.30pm opening Mass at Mary MacKillop Place, North Sydney. Sessions will commence on Monday 4 July with members attending face-to-face at St Mary’s Cathedral college in Sydney. (A few members will take part online). It will be an intense time of voting for the thirty motions which have been based on the eight themes discussed and discerned over the past four years to now being decided upon. The Framework for motions started with the Listening and Dialogue phase of the Council back in 2018 which drew more than 17,000 submissions on behalf of 222,000 people. Covid intervened and so it is now with great hope and anticipation that we reach this important time of conclusion in the history of the Catholic Church in Australia. The Mass to formally close the Council will be celebrated at St Mary’s Cathedral at 10.30am on Saturday 9 July. The five members of the Plenary Council for the Bunbury Diocese are: Bishop Gerard Holohan, Fr Tony Chiera, Deborah Robertson, Aaron Faure and Maria Parkinson. They would very much appreciate your continued support by prayer and thought at this time of meeting. We wish them well for the duration of the assembly and for safe travel there and back. Masses and sessions will be livestreamed each day and people are invited to send messages of prayer, hope and support to the Members gathering in Sydney. For more information about the livestreaming schedule and the portal for sending messages visit The LIVESTREAMING SCHEDULE can also be found here and in the foyer of both churches. Please be aware that all times shown are AEST.

Live Stream Schedule for the 2nd Assembly of the Fifth Plenary Council of Australia
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