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I am grateful to receive many newsletters from the different Parishes our Parishioners may visit. In the Redemptorist newsletter there was an interesting ‘DID YOU KNOW’ article. Fr Edmond wrote of how the Blessed Sacrament up until the 17th century was kept in a separate chapel within a church and how modern architecture has left us with an architectural quandary. He writes, “What is the purpose of the church? Is it a gathering place for the followers of Jesus? The word “church” means “the gathering”. We use the word church for the building and with a capital ‘C’ we use the word Church for all who believe in the Gospel. So, when entering traditional churches of the last four hundred years the architecture will leave people in an ambiguous situation. Is this a place to gather and have fellowship, or is it a chapel of devotion? When people enter our church, some want to meet and greet and celebrate each others company in Christ. The desire of others is to come into a place of silence and contemplation before the Blessed Sacrament. Can we respect each others needs? Can we make room for the other? Can those who come to pray also rejoice over their fellow believers greeting each other in charity. Can those who enter the church to gather in Christ be aware of those in prayer and contemplation. No need to blame each other or scowl at one another. We are caught in our history. Blame the architecture. Every blessing!” He puts this so well doesn’t he? We hope the 5 minutes of silence prayerfully requested before each Mass, will help keep everyone happy! (or happyish???)


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