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Just as power is used for good or harm, not all seeds are created equal. Jesus tells a story of good seed and bad, and how they grow up together in the harvest of the world. We experience this reality in the contents of our own hearts. We have wonderful, generous impulses; and also cruel, petty thoughts. We may be heroic in our love one day, and selfish the next. We forgive and withhold forgiveness. Our fields are waist-high in grain and thistles. No wonder that good and bad grow up together in families; parishes are a mixture of charity and snobbery; politics is full of high-minded ideals and crude scandal. If we were surprised when nice people do things that are not nice, we have to look no further than this parable for the reason. Reasons are not excuses, of course. Jesus says even a tiny seed of good can create immense goodness. A bit of yeast makes the whole dough rise. The existence of evil is no reason to view it as inevitable. If I find within myself both good and evil, I have a responsibility to grow the grain and invite the Spirit to uproot the thistle in me. (Source: GPBS eNews)


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