Romans 1:12: that you and I may be mutually encouraged by each other's faith. One of our newer Parishioners is very excited about the ‘Living Rosary’ and wrote of how she hopes and prays that 60 people will gather to participate. She writes, “Personally, I love starting my day praying the Holy Rosary because it is my morning daily companion, the sharer of all my secrets, desires & longings, and most of all the comforter of all my sorrows. Since the pandemic, I say another one at night too intended for the protection & healing of the whole world. My Mum was a strict Marian Devotee & she has always taught us, her children up to her great grandchildren, to pray the Rosary. She said that a favourite child of Mary, is always a great lover of the Rosary. Unlike Tara Brooke though, I do not have a particular favourite Mystery because I have read that as we say the OUR FATHERS & the HAIL MARYs, we draw up pictures of the different mysteries in the life of Christ and His Blessed Mother loving, suffering, rejoicing & praying side by side...& I find that just wonderful!”