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Romans 1:12: that you and I may be mutually encouraged by each other's faith. In an otherwise dark, depressing house, the bathroom was my haven of delight. Bright, with an old- fashioned deep, delft blue bathtub, it had a large uncurtained window that looked out onto our bush block. It was a room I loved, and every morning saw me in there cleaning, wiping and rinsing. I had been meeting weekly, (not counting school holidays), with the RCIA for nearly three years. Time was running out for me to make a commitment to be received into the Catholic Church for that particular year. The trouble was, I kept vacillating. Oh, to be sure, God was well and truly back in my life; and there was no doubt that every Sunday I was hungry to join with everyone in receiving Christ from the altar. BUT... and the ‘but’ was of mega proportions and the ‘but’ kept thundering through my head. My family weren’t at all happy about the prospect of me becoming ‘a Catholic’. However, that wasn’t the issue really. The problem was with me and how I saw myself. So, this particular morning, I talked to Jesus as I scrubbed and rinsed. It went something like this: “I have to tell Sister this arvo if I’m in or out. ... Yes, you would think I would know by now, wouldn’t you? ... Huh, it’s not that simple. ... You know me though ...... The good, the bad and the ugly. ... I can’t just erase it all and pretend to be something I’m not. ... Oh Lord, I can’t even forgive myself, so I am pretty bloody sure your Church won’t. ... Not if they knew my story. ... I don’t think I can do it.” ... And more tears fell. As I swished all the suds down the drain I thought, “If only it was this easy to wash sins away and start afresh.” - And it was as if Jesus spoke to me and said, “I can do that. That’s what I do!” I watched all the bubbles disappear, and repeated, “You can do that. .... You can do that .... Of course, you can do that .... You’re God.” Finally, my decision was made. I started laughing manically with how thick and slow I had been .... and I swear .... I felt as though Jesus was laughing with joy right by my side. My Reconciliation is, perhaps, a story for another time.

Father is available for the Sacrament of Reconciliation on Fridays (11.30am), and Saturdays and Sundays (5.30pm). You may also phone the Parish Office if another time would be preferable.

Have you a faith story you would like to share? When might you have trusted enough in God, for your life to change or veer in another direction? Has there been a time when ‘Biblical Faith’ moved from your head to your heart?


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