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Attendance at the Sunday Mass has been falling steadily for decades. This is well documented and there are many reasons for it. The refrain of our children is one I often hear from adults: that Mass is boring, it doesn’t resonate, I don’t experience God that way, and I’ve got other things to do. At one level this is true, but the Eucharist is not entertainment for the pleasure of the masses. It is imbued with deep meaning, replete with symbolic ritual and gestures which speak to something beyond the participants and which invite them into community with God and others. .....There is comfort in the familiar and knowing that we are all there as community. .........

The Eucharist is an invitation to return each week to the same space, to replenish, restore and reflect. It is an opportunity to disconnect from technology and enter into the full participation of the Eucharist. Excerpts from LitEd. Article written by Stephen Locke.


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