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Romans 1:12: ..that you and I may be mutually encouraged by each other's faith. My story goes back to when one was able to attend school at 4 years and the first 2 years were called “1st Bubs” and “2nd Bubs”. The nuns would pick you up, put you in the “dickie” seat of their car and drop you back home when the day was over. For whatever reason at the end of year Mum and Dad decided to send me to a State School where I stayed for the remainder of my primary school days. Come the end of 6 Standard and then it is high school next year. It was then that they (Mum and Dad) dropped a bomb on me similar to the two that took out Hiroshima and Nagasaki. I was not going to Perth Boys with my mates with whom I had built up a friendship over six years, but I would present at a place called “Christian Brothers College”. Well .... all hell broke loose; at age 12 my life had come to an end. I would never see my buddies again and what about C.C.C. (my girlfriend); what would happen to us? I cried and sobbed and begged and pleaded and didn’t eat for a week, all to no avail. Parents!!! There is no justice in this world; what on earth got into their heads? And so off to CBC I went, and life gradually changed. I found out things like why we celebrate Christmas, and why there are holidays at a time called “Easter”. At age 13 I would sit with 10-year-olds and learn the ‘Hail Mary’ and ‘Our Father’, and “Drongo” our teacher (a Brother) wasn’t as bad as his reputation. So, there I spent the next 5 years of my schooling and let me tell you those 5 years changed my life. I loved that school, loved my friends, loved those Brothers, and fell in love with the girl at the girls’ school next door. She was 14, I was 15, my heart would go “tick tick boom, tick tick boom”; we married 7 years later. My high school years - the best years of my life and I thank Mum and Dad for being tough on me all those years ago when I spent a week howling my heart out. I love you Jesus with your will and for all. ----------- I loved this story from a Parishioner, as it reminded me of times where I have struggled. Sometimes the trials and tribulations we undergo give us strength, sometimes empathy, sometimes understanding or in the above case, a good solid faith base and the loves of your life Jesus, and a wonderful wife.


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