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“You will teach them to fly, but they will not fly your flight. You will teach them to dream, but they will not dream your dream. You will teach them to live, but they will not live your life.

Nevertheless, in every flight, in every life, in every dream, the print of the way you taught them will remain.” Mother Teresa

World Children’s Day is a big step in showing how much we care about children. This special day will remind us how important it is to look after and protect our children. By setting aside a day just for children, Pope Francis is asking us all to work together to make sure every child can grow up safe, loved and supported. World Children’s Day is a chance for people everywhere to come together, to celebrate children’s potential and assist in their growth and development. It encourages us to build a future where all children can thrive, dream and reach their goals. Let this day start a worldwide effort to create a kinder and fairer world for all children. (Source: Majellan Media)


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