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Next week is the EPIPHANY of the LORD. (Nothing new there) What I can’t believe is that I’ve never heard of the ancient custom of marking the door of the home with blessed chalk on this day. (It must be true, I read it in this year’s ORDO.) The chalk is first blessed in the Parish Church at Masses for Epiphany and then people are invited to take the chalk home and to mark the lintel of their front door as follows: 20 C+M+B 22 (What that means and the ‘whys’ will be in next week’s bulletin!) I do however promise you, that you will love why it is done and what it means. It incorporates the liturgical feast of the Epiphany as a domestic ritual into the prayer life of the family. So if this sounds like something you would be keen to do over your own doorway at home, then please bring a piece of chalk to Mass next weekend to be blessed. It will be a sign of the presence of the Light of Christ in your home, a protection for your home and family and a blessing for the New Year. SO BRING A SMALL CHALK STICK TO MASS NEXT WEEK.


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